CalliousWhat is it?

Callous or hyperkeratosis is hard skin that can be found anywhere on the foot but most often seen on the heel and ball of the foot.

What causes it?

Callous is due to a mixture of excessive friction and pressure causing the skin to thicken at the protective layer.

What are the symptoms?

Normally pain at the affected area, but it can be asymptomatic.

What can you do at home?

Rub E-45 or Vaseline on your heels once or twice a week.  This is a great preventative measure along with using a pumice stone.

When to seek help?

Make an appointment with a podiatrist if the pain remains or if the callous is so thick that it is difficult to self treat.

How is it treated?

The callous will be reduced and advice on self care will be provided such as the use of a pumice stone or moisturising.

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