General Footwear Advice

  • Check your feet and shoes daily
  • Socks without seems tend to be very comfortable
  • Check the width of your foot and compare it to the toe box of the shoe. This can help you get an idea if the shoe is to narrow
  • Check our lacing blog
  • Check the sole – do you prefer a stiff sole or cushioning sole?
  • If you have orthotics take them with you when you buy new shoes and try them in
  • Go to an appropriate retailer and have your feet measured
  • If there are particular brands or style of shoe that works for you would be well advised to stick with that product
  • If things don’t improve speak to a podiatrist
Bruce McCulloch

Written by Bruce McCulloch

Bruce graduated from Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh with a 1st Class Honours degree in Podiatry in 2002, and later completed a master’s degree which involved studying advanced practice in biomechanics and musculoskeletal conditions. Bruce established Podiatry Shetland in 2010 and the business has steadily grown since, delivering a wide range of care for patients.