Hammer Toes

What is it?

Hammer toes can be seen in any of the middle 3 toes but most commonly seen on the second.  It is caused when the lesser toe is pulled back toward the foot causing the toe to stick up.

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms are normally secondary caused by the toes rubbing on the footwear leading to corns or callous.

What can you do at home?

Appropriate footwear is key.  A deep toe box can be helpful.

Gel pads on the affected area are also quite effective.

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When to seek help?

If there is no improvement with footwear and padding.

Also if you need corns or callous removed.

If the area becomes ulcerated (breakdown the skin) cover it up with a dressing and seek medical attention to have it dressed accordingly.

How is it treated?

The corn is enucleated.  It is a very simple procedure which is normally pain free.

Advice on foot wear.

Surgical correction is also an option.

Speak to your podiatrist.

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