Peroneal Tendinosis

What is it?

The peroneal tendons run down the outside of the ankle and around the outside of the ankle bone.  While tendinitis implies inflammation, tendinosis means that there is thickening and enlargement of the tendons.

What are the symptoms?

Patients generally complain of a gradual onset of pain around the outside of the ankle and/or foot.

What causes it?

Peroneal tendinosis is an overuse syndrome.  Having a high arched foot, wearing inappropriate or badly worn footwear or increasing your activity too quickly are all risk factors.

What to do at home

Rest the ankle as much as possible; apply ice for 15 minutes several times per day.  Wear supportive shoes- lacing boots are best.

When to seek help

If your symptoms do not improve after a short period of rest.

How is it treated?

Insoles or braces that reduce the stress on the tendon are generally successful.  Exercises to strengthen the tendon are often prescribed.  Sometimes in severe cases, surgery may be indicated.

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